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Workshops 2024

mitarashi dango

Dorayaki and mitarashi dango
35€ per person

Two popular desserts in Japan.

Dorayaki is a honey pancake sandwich with a sweet azuki bean paste filling. Mitarashi dango is a rice dumpling made from rice flour with a sweet soy sauce glaze.



35€ per person

25 May (full) 

22 Juin (3 places left)

A classic Japanese favorite, great for parties or to enjoy a nice lunch/dinner at home. 


Karaage (fried chicken)

35 € per person

4 May (full)

A range of Japanese dishes enjoyed at home. Karaage (fried chicken) marinated in a delicious sauce, Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelet) and seasonal salad. (rice and miso included)

IMG_3173 (1).jpg

€ per person
21 September (full)

Pan-fried Japanese dumplings, Gyoza can be a meal with some rice and miso soup or a great appetizer before dinner.

35€ per person


A Japanese dish seen often at Japanese festivals (matsuri). Yakisoba is a noodle dish seasoned with a special home made sauce.

Miso ramen

35€ per person

8 June (full)

One of my favorite dishes on cold days, Miso ramen with 'Kakuni'- pork belly cooked in a soy sauce based sauce. 


Trout three ways 
35€ per person

Local trout from gouffre du blagour done three ways. Miso butter, marinated with vegetables and seared.

40€ per person 

Miso is a fermented paste made from soybeans, rice koji and rock salt. In Japanese food, it is used to make miso soup, marinades, sauces, dressings, and even to make miso-flavored ice cream and cookies.

Izakaya (Japanese tapas)
35€ per person
29 June (2 places)


Izakaya is a type of bar with a variety of small dishes to accompany alcoholic drinks. For this workshop there will be 5 plates; yakitori, agedashi tofu, eggplant and sesame pepper, tomato salad and yaki onigiri.

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